USB-2 to 5 Pin Female rectangular connector

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I am strongly to find in the catalogue a USB-2 to 5 Pin Female rectangular connector (refer to picture). Can anyone share the part number on dig- key catalogue?

Hello @nestor

Looks like the closest I was able to find on our site was part 2136-CABLEUSBA-SIL5-ND

Other cable options with different connections on each end can be found in the Between Series Adapter Cables section.

hi Robert,
Unfortunately cable you are suggesting won’t fit into the male 5 pin slot on my equipment. The 5 pin female connector needs to be flat as per the one on my original picture. A friend of mine ordered from Digi-Key but he is unable to provide me part number. Have attached an sketch of the male slot where 5 PIN female plugs in.


I think I found it under Programming accessories


Thanks Robert. That is the one. Greatly appreciated!!!

Based on documentation for the Allegro board that that cable is meant to go with, it looks like it has an FTDI chip inside and it’s function is as a USB to SPI converter cable. Is that what you need?


What type of signals are you looking for on the 5-pin connector side?

  1. Raw USB signals?
  2. UART signals?
  3. SPI signals?
  4. Something else?