Multiport female connector

Hi all,
I’m rebuilding an old flex circuit from the late 80s, and looking for some potential connectors to replace these.
Referring to the black connectors in the 1st picture.
In the connector housings are female connectors which connect to pin connectors inside another plastic housing (see red arrows in picture 2)
Looking for a 2 port, 3 port, 6 port, 7 port and 10 port.
Any thoughts on potential replacements to adapt for this use?

The connectors shown have a female form factor and are rectangular in cross section, rather than circular. “female rectangular connector” might be a good search term to summon the product family of likely interest.

It’s got a single row of contacts, a countable number of positions, and a measurable pitch. Those would be logical next selections to narrow things down.

Assuming 0.1" pitch and limiting to things with photos that can ship reasonably soon, some options that look promising start to show near the top.

I would suggest however, that attempts at replacement may be inadvisable unless the connectors are demonstrably faulty. That assembly was not designed to be repaired, so “fixing” things that aren’t genuinely broken only increases the probability that you’ll end up looking for a donor.

Thank you very much for the insight.
I’m not repairing this one, I’m creating brand new flex circuits to replace them.