Looking for USB-A to JST PH 1.25mm pitch 5 Pin (female) Cable


I am looking for a new cable, USB-A to 5pin Female Connector (as pictured). The 5pin female is about the size of the USB-A on the end, just a little smaller.

Cable length is not terribly important to us. 3’ would be nice.

I am told that the 5 pin is considered a “JST PH 1.25mm pitch 5 pin (female)”

Please share with me a Digi-Key product number if you have one, or any advice for sourcing it elsewhere if it does not exist with Digi-Key.

Thanks very much,

Ben Schloesser

Production Manager
ID Sculpture


Hello ben,

The closest option is from Feig Electronic that uses the 5 position JST PH housing. But, the wiring looks different. The Digi-Key part number is 629-1070-ND (FEIG Electronic 3541.000.00). Please review the datasheet ID_CAB_USB-B_Web.pdf (digikey.com).


Try CABLE USB A-SIL5 by Lascar Electronics. Available here at Digikey. Here’s the link.

It unfortunately does not give any indication about pitch, and there is no datasheet showing, either. One of the fine people here from Digikey might be able to provide that info. Good luck!