CRCW080547R0FKEAC "EAC" Suffix

Suffix information can be a little hard to interpret at times. CRCW080547R0FKEAC is a surface mount resistor made by Vishay Dale. The second page of the datasheet we have listed shows the following:

I have made edits to show more how I interpreted the suffix. The black circled part in the upper right of the photo shows the typical letters you’d see at the end. This specific part has “EAC”. This means it has a package code of EA and the “C” just means it’s a commodity part. Commodity parts are simply parts with no special ratings (Automotive), just standard values and no special tests.

The yellow highlighted portion shows how you’d read the table. This particular part has an 0805 size, therefore, the third row applies, the package code is “EA” therefore the columns next to that code apply. The standard quantity that we receive is 5k, it uses paper tape following that standard in column 4, the width of the paper is 8mm, the pitch between parts is 4mm, and finally the reel measures 180mm/7 inches in diameter.