Crimp version of 76785-311LF or similar

I’m looking for this flex female connector in a crimp version instead of solder.
The flex part is important as I have to attach to a flex circuit and bend it 90 degrees
The shaft can be a little longer, but otherwise the rest of the specs need to match.
Been looking but not much luck so I figured I’d ask here :frowning:

Hello @ldboehm ,

I want to make sure there is not any confusion over the contact you are looking for. The contact itself is not “flexible” however, is made to use with an FFC or Flat Flex Cable and is a crimp/IDC style connector.


Hi @Robert_Fay,
Yes I understand it isn’t ‘flexible’, but its shape does allow me to bend it versus the others I have seen.
And I am using it with a flex circuit as well.

The 76785-311LF is not a solder type contact. It is an IDC (insulation displacement connector) contact with triangular “points” designed to be pierced through the conductor in a flat flex cable and bent flat (crimped) with a specialized production tool.

It is meant to be inserted into a housing such as this 67013-007LF.

We sell full cable assemblies using similar products from TE Connectivity, such as these:

Female connector on both ends:

Female connector on one end, solder tabs on other end:

Are you looking for something like this minus the housing (so the female contacts crimped on, but no housing added)?

Hi David,
Thanks for the reply.
It is being used to rebuild an old flex circuit from the 1980s that had a similar connector which crimped to the flex circuit to hold it in place.
I have not been able to find any availability on the old connector, nor can I locate a part number.
It’s old technology, but I can’t change it. I have to rebuild it to match how it was designed.
I’ve included a picture. The connectors are crimped to the flex circuit and the female lead goes through a housing.

Hmm, interesting. I haven’t seen anything quite like that.

Well, the contacts you found, the 76785-311LF, appear to be very similar to what you have on the flex circuit board. I can’t tell what size pins your contacts would mate to, but the 76785-311LF contacts are designed to mate with square 0.025" (0.64mm) pins.

As I mentioned, they are designed to be punched through the conductor and crimped with a special production tool. I am not aware of any other product that would work for you, but crimping these securely would prove very difficult.

It’s for a old car.
It connects to LED leads. I ordered a few and tested fitment.
I’m going to have to solder some to the ensure it doesn’t come out, which is why I was looking for a crimp version.