Crimping Molex PicoBlade with 638190300B

Hello folks,

I’ve been attempting to use this crimp tool (638190300B) to crimp male PicoBlade terminals (0500588000), however, the locator seems to align the blade improperly. When I crimp these terminals, the retention tab is depressed during crimping, and the terminal is rendered useless. It does, however, work well with the female terminals (0500798000). I have seen that there was a change to the PicoBlade line in 2018. Did this result in the shape of the male terminals changing?

If that is the case, would it be possible to simply purchase a different locator?


Substantive changes to products in production are generally documented via a Product Change Notice (PCN) describing the changes and their expected impact.

I’m seeing no PCNs describing such a change, and in any event it would be uncommon for a manufacturer to change a connector product in such a way without changing part numbers, given that incompatibility with prior production would appear to result.

Given that the tool mentioned appears to have gone obsolete several years ago now, tooling accessories designed for it would seem unlikely to be found as a stock item.