Pre-crimped (male) wires for Molex Picoblade connectors?

I purchased these pre-crimped wires and also the housings for the male pins (digi-key part number WM11182-ND). However, the pins on the pre-crimped wires seem much too small compared to the actual Picoblade male pins, as clearly seen in this photo (the female pins are the same):

Seeing the data sheet of the precrimped wires (the picture above), it uses the 50061-8000 pins for the male pins, which say are “planned for obsolecense” on Molex’s website, and I couldn’t find the matching housing for these 50061-8000 pins on Digikey. The male pins currently active for Picoblade seem to be the 0501338000 pins.

Therefore, I’m wondering:

  • are there pre-crimped wires with male (and female) pins which use the (apparently) newer, 0501338000 pins?
  • are there male pin housings which match the 50061-8000 male pins?
  • could anybody recommend other wire-to-wire connector solutions with precrimped wires available?

If none of these are possible, I suppose I could get a proper crimper for Picoblade connectors and crimp them myself.

update: these seem to be what I was looking for- pre-crimped male-male Picoblade cables

Hi Yasu,

Welcome to the Tech Forum!

The 50061-8000 male contact on the pre-crimped wires you ordered is designed to go into the obsolete Molex 51022 series of wire to board housings. This connector series is designed to be soldered directly into a circuit board rather than plugged into another connector.

Unfortunately, Molex does not make pre-crimped wires with a male PicoBlade contact on one end and a female PicoBlade contact in the other end. You could make your own, as you suggest above, but the crimper tools are very expensive, so this would only be viable if you plan to make many thousands of them.

However, Digi-Key can make custom pre-crimped wires with the 0501338000 on one end and the 0500798000 on the other end. They can be produced quickly and with a fairly low minimum order quantity. You would need to submit a quote request to with the following information:

  • Part numbers of the two terminals
  • Length (not including the contacts)
  • Wire color
  • Wire gauge (we cannot do 30AWG)
  • Quantity

I ended up getting the male (2149221214) and female pre-crimped wires separately. Thank you!