Rectangular 8-pin connector

Trying to find a replacement part which I hope I can use without having a special crimping device just for this connector.

Fastening: Latch
Size: 20mm x 18mm x 9,7mm (WxLxH)
The pins (midpoint) are 3,5mm apart.
The connectors inside the connector seem crimped (square shaped), but I can’t pull them out since there seems to be some kind of internal latch.

Images of the male connector I’m looking for you can find here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Hello dennis_digi - welcome to the Forum!

I did not find a connector with 3.5mm pitch that looks like yours, we do have one that is pretty close that is 3.3mm lead spacing. Take a look at DF33-8DS-3.3C. The problem with this part is, it is non-stocking and the minimum order quantity is 100 pieces. The sockets for this connector are at the bottom of the page under the heading Associated Products. There is a removal tool, DF33-C-PO to remove the old contacts from your connector. Hirose does have recommended crimp tools, which are located at the bottom of the page for the contacts.

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After looking into this I believe the connector you are looking for is a part of the Mini-Fit Jr. Series from Molex. Other companies make versions of this as well. Because the connector you have shown is still within the device, I cannot see all of the attributes and I cannot offer a specific part.


Please check the following link to see possible options

There are some mating housings here

I do hope this helps!

Once we have a better idea of which connector housing you would like to use, terminals and crimp tools are associated with the housings if you scroll down on the product page. If you need assistance to find them, we would be glad to help.

regarding a crimp tool, since this is not for a product that you intend to sell, you may be more interested in more universal tool.


DIGI-KEY PART # 1528-1683-ND
MANUFACTURER Adafruit Industries LLC
DATASHEET 1528-1683-ND Spec
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Thank both of you! Wow, you really know your connectors.

I tend to think it might be a Molex connector because I somehow doubt this company would use anything “special”. It’s really good to see the removal tool since it is pretty much just a stick, so maybe that helps me removing (and resetting the pins).

(My problem is that I broke the connector by putting too much strain on it, right now everything is held together by silly-putty. it kind of works but… it could be better)

Molex crimping device for the mini-fit series looks to be about 250$ I guess that’s a bit much for a one-time use.

Hi dennis_digi.

Take a look at Molex’s Universal criimp tool: WM9999-ND This should be fine if you don’t have alot of criimping to do.

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