Need help locating two connectors

I am trying to purchase some connectors and cannot seem to find what I need. Firstly, I need some 3 pin male connectors with a pitch of 4.20mm that would mate with the connector shown. From what I am told it is a JWT C4202 series??? Not sure if Molex and JWT are one and the same or not.

I also need some female 2 pin connectors with 4.20 pitch that has the same style latching.

Bill, thank you for contacting our Digikey Technical Forum.

The connectors you are looking for are part of the Mini-fit Jr series from Molex. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you much about the connectors as they are still installed

For example, these both look like the 8 pin connector in the rear of your unit. One has different terminal and mounting techniques.


I can however direct you to a link that can show you what is available.
Please Click Here to see options

If you would like additional assistance we would be glad to help.

Thanks for your reply. I should have blocked out the 8 pin connectors, I am interested in the 3 pin connectors next to the ruler.


Thank you for contacting Digi-Key , I found a data sheet for the JWT C4202 series and compared them to what we have to offer and I am not seeing that we have a replacement for these that will work as the latches are different . JWT and Molex are not the same company .

Thanks Craig

Thanks Craig! Any suggestion as to who might carry those?

Sorry the only place I am finding then on a google search is Alibaba , here is the link for the data sheet but there is no contact info for the manufacturer on it .

Thanks Craig! I had a link to the data sheet, just needed to know where to buy them. I looked at Alibaba earlier and struggled to find them. Will check again.

Any chance it could be the Molex WM18446-ND? The 3D Photo (not the computer generated one) on the part’s page looks close in color and the arrangement:

(If your original connectors are not right angle, another idea is the Mini-Fit Jr 5566 series which is a vertical header, an example is WM7251-ND)

Another idea on how to identify this all is to look at the mating connector and then work backwards to the header. Do you have pictures of the mating plug?

Thanks for your response Lindsay. I am told it is a JWT connector, but depending on who you talk to some say Molex is the higher priced version of JWT. I don’t know if this is true or not. I do not have the mating connector here, but the mating connector is what I am after. The pitch on the connector you show looks correct as well as the shape of the holes. I spent the whole day trying to sort this out and in the mean time I may have come up with an alternative solution, but I come back to this if the Plan B fails.

Thanks again!

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We do not carry JWT mates 0039014031 WM23608-ND

0039014030 WM18434-ND
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