Help identifying this 4-pin PCB connection

I need to hook up to this board pin-out to update firmware but it is too small to individually wire in the pins. I need help identifying the connector so I can purchase a harness.

It looks to me like it has a 1.0mm pitch with 4 pins. Maybe JST-SH but the shroud looks a little different to me. Any help is greatly appreciated!

It is a little hard to see from the picture provided but the holes on the back make it look like Molex part WM1733-ND

Here is the Data Sheet if you want to verify measurements.

I can take more pictures or even video if that would help. Just let me know what angles would help.

A picture from the other side might help. Also if you can verify pitch. The molex part that was suggested is 1.25mm.


I took some more pictures as best I could with two different cameras. I don’t have any good lenses for my “real” camera to get a solid macro focal length, but I did my best.

I think you may be spot-on with molex. I tried to verify pitch with my calipers, but my eyes and hands aren’t really good enough to verify sub-mm precision. It could well be 1.25mm.

If it is indeed that header, what is the corresponding male lead for this part? Is this this?

Yes the mating housing is WM1722-ND and you will need contacts depending on your wire size.

Here is a link to the Sockets.|4|242844

If you haven’t already ordered, we also have pre-crimped leads for the housing Robert recommeded- see here