Cross for rfp25n05l

I have a bunch of MOSFETs that are blown in circuit, and are marked rfp25n05l. There is a datasheet:

I am not very confident on what parameters that are the most important and what a good cross would be.

Any help would be great.

Hello Byron,

I found part number IRFZ34NPBF-ND on this link:

This one has a little higher current and voltage. Looking at the Input capacitance, gate charge, and RDSon, this looks like a better part. You can review the data sheet to check if you think it might work. Hopefully it does.

Ok, I did see that one as an option. Would that be a better option than IRFZ44PBF

That one might work. Though it had some higher values with the input capacitance and RDSON.

Would it matter on the circuit? it could . I usually try to stay lower. Though if the circuit is using the higher value that might not be good either. I still like my choice. Though your voltage and current are good. I still like to go with caution on the other values.

Ok, I will trust your judgment as I am not entirely sure. I will order the one you suggest. Thank you.