Crouzet Programmable Logic Controller Thermistor Selection

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Several customers have asked about the matching thermistors to Crouzet Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) such as the EM4 and Millenium Slim.

The electrical connections for the thermistor are clearly presented in the associated datasheet for the EM4 and Millenium Slim. The thermistor selection is also clearly presented in the Crouzet-Soft tool under the APP tab as shown here. This software feature reflects Crouzet’s design philosophy of simplifying the user interface. This is like the Arduino philosophy of abstraction ensuring early success with moderate to complex tasks. The difference is that Crouzet-Soft allows a graphical programming method using a series of blocks and connection wires.

If you are reading this note, you are likely wondering what type of thermistor falls under the umbrella of NTC1, NTC2, and NTC3.

Screen capture from Crouzet-Soft programming tool showing the NTC thermistors.

It appears that Crouzet has taken care of the hard work by embedding select thermistor curves for three types of thermistors. These are available as:

You may be able to substitute other thermistors into your Crouzet application. However, it may be better to continue with the simple to use implementation with known accuracy curves.

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