Crouzet Em4 temperature probe conection

good day , i need help with the connection of a 10 k ohm NTC thermistor on a Em4

as I understand it, one lead goes to Em4 power supply and the other to I5 -i8 correct ?


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Can you give a specific part number to help check into your question?

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This feature appears unique to the Crouzet line of PLCs.

Picture of Crouzet EM4 PLC's input capabilities.

Yes, that is my understanding. Inputs 5 to 8 appear to accept the NTC sensor as shown in this installation guide excerpt. You will likely need to configure / program the I/O for the particular sensor.

Crouzet EM4 PLC analog connections.

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I may be misreading this, but it looks to me like it works from I5 through IC.

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thanks for the info , i got it connected, now mi issue is with the of the NTC thermistor.
if I input the values Min and max on the heat Input, the values are nonsense ,