Crystal Current consumption vs oscillator

Hello I am wondering about the current consumption of crystal vs oscillator.
More specifically i would like to know what is the current consumption of this part NX3225GA-20MHZ-STD-CRA-1.

The amount of current consumption is mostly a factor of the drive circuitry in the micro not the crystal.

In general using a micro’s built-in drive circuits and a crystal will consume far less power than using an external oscillator.

Also in general, micro’s designed for low power operation have more power efficient crystal drivers than micro’s that are not optimized for low power operation.

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Sure!. but using an internal clock is not an option for the design i am working. With that in mind I see oscillators tend to use less components ( may be a decoupling for VDD) to configure whereas crystal ( what I have seen so far on the designs needs capacitors and load resistors. Wouldn’t those be also considered for calculating current consumption since they are outside the micro and will impact once the crystal is powered?

You need more circuitry than a crystal, capacitors, and resistors to construct a crystal oscillator.
Here’s a good web page:
Also most DIY crystal oscillators will have lower accuracy & stability, and may consume more power than a packaged oscillator module from a good manufacturer.