CST11T2CR and CST10T2CR should have different description

Hello Digi-Key,
I am looking for a SPST switch. I ordered the CST11T2CR a few days ago. The datasheet shows it as having 4 pins. The DK description says it is a SPST.
What I got is a SPDT switch with 5 pins. I think the part number is correct and the DK description is not.
I think I want the CST10T2CR. Can someone at DK confirm?

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I apologize about the error. I will send the CST11T2CR to have the description changed. CST10T2CR is the SPST.

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Awesome. Thank you for the quick response.
Is it possible to get a replacement of the wrong ones I received?

Hi @mfabiano ,

Thank you for your response! Yes of course our returns team will take care of this issue for you, our appologies again.

Click here for Returns Link
-Please reference T4532574

Alternatively, if you prefer:
Global Customer Support available 24/7.
Tollfree Phone: 1-800-344-4539
Email: sales@digikey.com

You would have to contact customer service:

This link should help you.

Will do. Thank you, all.

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