Pin Out for CTS 204 Series DIP Switch

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I have looked through all the documentation and cannot seem to find a definitive pin-out for this SPDT switch. Any help will be appreciated.

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The 204-124ST is a 4-position switch with each switch position composed of a Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) element.

Observe the dots on the switch body as shown below. One dot is in the upper left of the switch, and one is in the lower right. We can expect the switch to make contact with the adjacent contact e.g., when the switch is pushed up, pins 1 and 16 are joined. Likewise, when the switch is pushed down pins 2 and 15 are joined. We form a SPDT switch by connect two contacts together.

This assessment is based on the operation of a related part. Unfortunately, I am unable to directly interpret the datasheet of manufacturer’s data for the given part.

I have high confidence in this answer, but it could be mistaken. Request others verify or locate additional information.

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You are correct APDahlen,

CTS has another DIP Switch, 206-124 CTS Electrocomponents | Switches | DigiKey

The datasheet explains better for this one how these switches need adjacent pins to be connected on the circuit board to make it a SPDT.


And here is a diagram of how the switch works if you tie two pins together to make it a SPDT. It doesn’t matter which side of the switch you tie the pins together.



Thank you both. This helps me greatly!