CT10 Series Reed switch Part Numbering


When you are looking at the CT10 Series of reed switch from Coto Technology the part numbers break down into 3 sections.


  • CT10 is the Series Name

  • XXXX - Calling out the AT Range (measured after mold & lead form)

    • i.e. 10-30; 10-40
  • YY - Lead Configuration

    • G1 for Gull Wing Version 1 (16.4mm)
    • G2/G4 for Gull Wing Version 2 (19.6mm)
    • A2 - for Axial

EXAMPLE: CT10-1030-G1 is a CT10 sensor (10mm encapsulated switch) with a sensitivity range from 10 to 30AT lead ends are formed according to the G1 version

Applicable Part Numbers

306-1124-2-ND 306-1124-1-ND 306-1124-6-ND 306-1258-2-ND 306-1258-1-ND 306-1258-6-ND 306-1126-2-ND 306-1126-1-ND 306-1126-6-ND 306-1295-2-ND 306-1295-1-ND 306-1295-6-ND 306-1296-2-ND 306-1296-1-ND 306-1296-6-ND 306-1306-2-ND 306-1306-1-ND 306-1306-6-ND 306-1307-2-ND 306-1307-1-ND 306-1307-6-ND 306-1125-2-ND 306-1125-1-ND 306-1125-6-ND CT10-1040-G1-ND CT10-1530-G2-ND CT10-1540-G2-ND CT10-2030-G2-ND CT10-2040-G2-ND CT10-1040-G4-ND CT10-1540-G4-ND CT10-1030-A2-ND CT10-1040-A2-ND CT10-1020-A2-ND CT10-1540-A2-ND CT10-2540-A2-ND CT10-1020-G1-ND CT10-1025-G1-ND

CT10-1540-G1 CT10-1540-G1 CT10-1540-G1 CT10-1030-G1 CT10-1030-G1 CT10-1030-G1 CT10-2540-G1 CT10-2540-G1 CT10-2540-G1 CT10-1030-G4 CT10-1030-G4 CT10-1030-G4 CT10-1530-G4 CT10-1530-G4 CT10-1530-G4 CT10-1030-G2 CT10-1030-G2 CT10-1030-G2 CT10-1040-G2 CT10-1040-G2 CT10-1040-G2 CT10-1530-G1 CT10-1530-G1 CT10-1530-G1 CT10-1040-G1 CT10-1530-G2 CT10-1540-G2 CT10-2030-G2 CT10-2040-G2 CT10-1040-G4 CT10-1540-G4 CT10-1030-A2 CT10-1040-A2 CT10-1020-A2 CT10-1540-A2 CT10-2540-A2 CT10-1020-G1 CT10-1025-G1