CUN66A1B Product Version Question

Hi, I’m looking at the part for UV LED “CUN66A1B” from Seoul Viosys.

The datasheet that Digikey has for this item is from 2018. When checking the Seoul Viosys website for the same part, the most recent datasheet (2021, Seoul Viosys | UV LED | PKG) has a few changes in the part specs such as maximum forward current. Can you advise as to which datasheet best reflects the parts Digikey has in stock?

I am having the Product Specialist check with the manufacturer on this. I will reply again as soon as I hear back from him.

Hi Rhonda, do you have any updates to this? Thanks.

I have sent another email to the Product Specialist on this issue. Your Technical Reference number is T4369819. I will email you as soon as I hear back from him.

Barring formal response to the contrary, I’d suggest that the parts themselves haven’t changed much; simply the characterization thereof.

It’s not terribly uncommon to see published specifications for a product like this to shift slightly over time, as the device and it’s yield/process characteristics grow more familiar. The earlier 500mA IF figure is more conservative; with time and experience it’s likely been found that the parts tolerate 700 reasonably well, with specs updated accordingly. It’s not as if older devices work fine up to 500mA and detonate if the current increases to 500.00001mA.