Current limiting resistor

What current limiting resistor is this ? I’ve searched and can’t find anything that comes close. It has to be the same size as the one pictured. Used with 5mm led. Its application is a rocker switch indicator light which houses 2 LEDs in the switch. 12 volts


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102 marking on a chip resistor is likely a 1k ohm resistance value as per the calculator in link below:
Conversion Calculator SMD Resistor Code | DigiKey Electronics

However the size of it and the wattage still needs to be verified. In the link below are some options of 1k ohm chip resistors we currently have in stock. There are many options to choose from.

You can utilize any parameters still remaining to filter closer to the one you have.


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Thanks for your help! What type of board is that ? All I’ve found is pcb board but doesn’t look anything like that

Hello olsentrucking5 - this is is pcb material, covered by solder mask.