Resistor Identification

Trying to track down the resistors pictured marked 512
Have pictured next to a mm measure for scale.

Info I have:
Sized 0805
1/8W or higher
1% tolerance

Hoping someone can help track down a like for like!


It’s a simple enough process; enter “resistor” in the DK search bar and select the “Chip Resistor, Surface Mount” product family that comes up at the top.

Select the applicable filter criteria you’ve listed above in the appropriate parametric columns (and other common preferences, such as being in stock) and apply, and there should be a few dozen options left to choose from.


Thank you. I’d tried that but am so green to this that I wasn’t sure that they would all be ok or if I needed the exact same piece, some paralysis of choice kicked in for sure!

Sometimes the finer details matter, sometimes not. While I’d lean strongly toward “not” in this case, deciding whether or not any given part is suitable for your needs is ultimately your call.

Yes, the variety of seemingly-similar options can be daunting; understand those occasions as a sign that there are considerations afoot which are potentially of great interest. Or none at all. It’s tough to understand whether a thing matters in a given case until one understands what the thing is… This resource may offer some guidance on those topics if you’re interested.