RTX 3090 LED resistor identification

When plugging in power connectors to my GPU, I chipped off one of resistors that are connected to LEDs, I found boardview of my gpu and this resisotor on the boardview, but I don’t know what resistor code fully means.
R61555 is just id number of resistor on the board.
5.1k means 5.1k Ohms, but what does /4/1 means?
Can I determine the tollerance and wattage of the resistor?


The additional characters in the callout are likely a shorthand for additional information, such as package size etc.

So long as you find one that fits the space allotted, most any 5.1k resistor should work. 9v across 5.1K burns 16 mW, which is within limits of even the smallest resistors on the market.

Don’t worry about tolerance–it’s a blinky light, and probably in the running for least-important part of the device.

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Hello allala, welcome to the Forum Community! I agree, the resistance value would be 5.1k ohm, but I’m not sure about the /4/1 either. What is the physical size of the resistor? You can determine a wattage by the size,or come close. You may want to go with a 1% tolerance to be safe. Here are a few stocking options for surface mount resistors in 5.1K ohm, 1%.