Current Sensor Replacement for ACS756KCA-050B-PFF-T

ACS756KCA-050B-PFF-T is an obsolete current sensor and I was able to find an active part that is extremely similar. Here are the specifications I used to find a replacement:

Specification Name Value
For Measuring AC/DC
Sensor Type Hall Effect, Open Loop
Current-Sensing 50A
Output Ratiometric, Voltage
Sensitivity 40mV/A
Frequency DC-120kHz
Voltage-Supply 3-5.5V
Mounting Type Through Hole
Packge/Case 5-CA Formed Leads

I tried matching these values as close as possible, the lowest cost alternative is part number 620-1320-ND; manufacturer part number ACS758LCB-050B-PFF-T. There are some minor differences with the main specifications, but the package designs look identical and everything else is a direct match considering the specifications.

There was only one other alternate from Allegro: 620-1799-ND; manufacturer part number ACS756SCB-050B-PFF-T.