Allegro Current Sensor Part Number

Hello, we are having a hard time identifying some Allegro ACS780 current sensors. We can’t determine if they are 50A versions or 100A versions. Can someone help track down this part number information based on the date code and lot number information?

Hello @motocrane,

I cant figure this marking out. I’m checking with the Product Manager to see if he can Identify this part.



Thank you! Yes, I think we need someone from Allegro to help trace it back to know the actual part number associated with these markings. Let me know what you find out, thanks

Hello @motocrane,

Unfortunately, this is a custom part for a specific customer. We can not get any information about it or source this part. Please work with the OEM of the equipment this part is out of to see if they can help you. Sorry for any inconvenience.