Allegro Current Sensor ICs Packages Comparison

If you look at the part numbers for Current Sensor ICs from Allegro MicroSystems, you might see a packaging code in the ordering part number, such as ACS732KLATR-40AB-T. “LA” is the packaging code, which refers to 16-Pin SOICW.

Here is the table for comparison of those packaging information.

Package Descriptor SOICW-16 (LA) SOICW-16 (MA) SOICW-16 (MC) SOIC-8 (LC1) SOIC-8 (LC2) QFN-12 (EXB) 7-pin PSOF (LR) 5-pin (CB)
Dimension 10.3x10.3mm 10.3x10.3mm 11.3x13mm 4.9x6mm 4.9x6mm 3x3mm 6.4x6.4mm 14x22mm
Conductor Resistance 0.85 mΩ 0.85 mΩ 0.27 mΩ 1.2 mΩ 0.65 mΩ 0.6 mΩ 0.2 mΩ 0.1 mΩ
Dielectric Strength RMS3600 V RMS5000 V RMS5000 V RMS2400 V RMS2400 V NA NA RMS4800 V
Working Voltage DC870 V / RMS616 V DC1550V / RMS1097 V DC1618 V / RMS1144 V DC420 V / RMS297 V DC420 V / RMS297 V DC100 V / RMS70 V DC100 V / RMS70 V DC1358 V / RMS700 V

For the three SOIC16 offered by manufacturer – LA/MA/MC, which all call out 16SOIC, Below is the difference for these.

  • LA has the highest sensitivity with the Hall element closest to the conductor. Fill-chip locates top of die closest to the leadframe.

  • MA has high internal isolation . 2 layers of polyimide insulation and 3 layers of insulating adhesive.

  • MC has the lowest internal conductor resistance. Longer creepage for better working voltage.