Alternative for ACS756xCB-100B-PFF

I want to order this Current Sensor but it’s has a long lead time. Need help in finding an alternative for this?

You have part number ACS756XCB-100B-PFF. Is it part number ACS756SCB-100B-PFF?

Yes. Apologies for the late reply. I just need an alternative that is currently in stock in market


There is nothing. Allegro is a very unique product. No one usually makes the same thing. The closest I can get to is is ACS758KCB-150B-PFF-T. There are many differeces. It is rated for more current. Most everything else there are differences. You can sure review it to see if you can make it work. It is not exact . It just depends on if you are designing something new or not. It is the closest I can find.

Ok thank you! I will look at this model.