I’m Sufiya from Dentals Inc. that is a company making or repairing Dental Sensors. This CY7C68013A-56BAXC is in dental sensor board. Can you provide instructions or and Application Note which details how to program this IC.

I would suggest if you can program it on the board , you have option of using 1471-1085-ND

Hi sufiya

68013 does not have internal flash, but instead has volatile SRAM as program memory. The application program has to be stored to an external I2C EEPROM or alternatively be uploaded from the USB host after enumeration (there are USB endpoints that provide direct access to the SRAM). Years ago wrote a Linux kernel space driver to upload the firmware, but have no idea how it can be done in Windows. Some tools seem to be downloadable from Infineon site for Visual Studio.

Heke, AsamaLAb