Parts compatibility

are infineon part numbers compatible: EVALPFC5K1KWWR6SYST0B01, and :EVAL1ED3491MX12MT0B01, cool sick easy pack 2B EDT2-public. Also if they are compatible what microcontroller i need to go with them, internal power suply, and HMI-[human men interface]. i thank you in advance for your input. regards

Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum albertorivaschapala.
We do not carry either of these part numbers. You will have to contact the manufacture to see if they are compatible, and what items will work best with them.

well David it show you as an DigiKey employee i just got off talking to another of your co-worker that gave price on this part numbers and you have them on existence, he also suggested that i come to this forum for assistance, may be some confusion?

Thanks i appreciate your quick response

I do find the part number EVAL1ED3491MX12MTOBO1 with the letters O instead of a zero.
But even altering the part number EVALPFC5K1KWWR6SYST0B01 with Os instead of zeros, it does not come up in our system. Do you have the Digi-Key part number for it?

Thanks David I got those components cover I guess getting the answer for my question is out of the question. Again thanks

EVAL1ED3491MX12MTOBO1 is an evaluation board for a half-bridge gate driver IC (driven devices to be user-supplied) while EVALPFC5KIKWWR6SYSTOBO1 is a PFC reference design.

Presumably, you are asking if the output of the PFC reference design could be used to provide a high-voltage supply for the half-bridge evaluation board. Since the output voltage of the PFC is within the permissible range of the eval board, this would be a permissible option.

Per the datasheet linked from the product page, an auxiliary supply suitable for use with the PFC unit is included:

Similarly, page 3 of the documentation for the gate driver evaluation board indicates that is is operable from a 15V auxiliary supply, which is not included in that case.

No specific source of gate control signals or human interface are given. Because these products expose the user to lethal shock hazards, they are for use by qualified professionals in a laboratory environment only. It is expected that persons qualified to make safe use of these products will be able to use the documentation provided to choose such system components themselves, as appropriate for the intended application.

Thanks Rick you very helpful