Cycling linear motion

I am in need of putting together a temporary system to make a cycling linear motion adjustable to position and then set to cycle at a set distance. looking at the
2183-2306-ND. Any suggestions on drives and software to accomplish this or suggestion on other set ups?

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Hello jjmatteson1,

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Linear motion actuators are a popular component.

Please tell us more about your application so that we may better assist you.

Until then, let me make a few general recommendations:

  1. The device contains internal limit switches that will stop the motor at the extreme limits of the stroke. These switches prevent motor damage should a control system inadvertently leave the motor on for extended length of time.

  2. The actuator does not have a feedback sensor. Stated another way, we will have no way of knowing where the motor is located. One simple way to fix the problem is to add limits switched to your project. Here are the DigiKey offerings for "bolt on " limit switches. You may select from simple inexpensive switches all the way to industrial switches that will survive harsh environments:

Limit Switches | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

  1. As for control I would recommend a small PLC. Since you already have 12 VDC for the actuator you may want to use a 12 VDC PLC such as those listed here:

Controllers - Programmable (PLC, PAC) | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

An alternative is to use a microcontroller. However, you will need to add and debug circuitry to interface with the actuator. This isn’t complex but a purpose-built PLC does make the task somewhat easier.

I do hope that this information is useful. Please let us know if can assist in the future.

Best Wishes,


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