Cypress Legacy Part Numbering - MB Prefix

When looking at some Cypress parts, you may see that some with the prefix “MB” as in MB88151APNF-G-200-JNERE1 and some with prefix “CY” in CY88151APNF-G-200-JNERE1. What is the difference between these two part numbers?

  • There is no difference. The MB is just the legacy version of the part number.

Here is another example of CY90F546GSPFR-GE1, showing the meaning of the Legacy 16-bit/32-bit Auto MCU Part Numbering.


The transition of MB part numbers to Cypress’ new CY part numbers comes from Cypress’ acquisition of Fujitsu, and their updating those old Fujitsu part numbers to Cypress’s marking and nomenclature.

The new Cypress part numbers are completely identical with the corresponding Fujitsu part numbers from form/fit/functional, parametric and quality performance perspectives.

To learn more about these part number changes and the affected parts list, please review Cypress’s PCN document, PCN181301.