Data sheet for MMF006508 Micro Measurements

I am unable to locate data-sheet with part number MMF006508 Micro Measurements.
Please help. Thanks

Hello Rameshk, welcome to TechForum! Please see link below for the 326-DSV series or wire. Glenda

Thanks Glenda.
I have the data-sheet for 326-DSV. My question is, why does Digikey show part number as MMF006508?
I need information from manufacturer to show that MMF006508 is same as 326-DSV.
Our company BoM has 326-DSV. We want to order it but Digikey showing it as MMF006508. Can you please help to correlate?

Hi if you look at the link below, and scroll down the site to “other names” is shows the 326-DSV 1000’ in there. We do not have a data sheet with the MMF006508 call outs on them.

Hello @Rameshk ,

I also followed up with the manufacturer and they do not have any documentation that ties the orderable part number which is MMF006508 to the part description with is 326-DSV.