Davies Molding 1506 knob - incorrect part?

I bought 10 of part 1722-1254-ND - a Davies Molding 1506 knob. Digikey give the part number as “1506”.

I then bought some elsewhere, also with the 1506 part number.

The problem is that they are not the same knob. The other supplier has a Davies Molding drawing and their knob matches that drawing.

It looks like you have supplied me with a 1506-H. Can you check your stock/ordering to see if that has happened?

This has really stuffed me up - the product is now designed with the knob around the wrong way.

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The data sheet linked on the Digi-Key product page is
at this link: http://reports.daviesmolding.com/drawings/1506.pdf

Does what you received match that drawing?

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Hi peterm,
The datasheet PaulHutch linked is the correct datasheet for the 1506 part, can you post a photo of the underside of the parts you received from us to verify the orientation of the flatted part in the molding? You can also contact our customer service department at customer.service@digikey.com . Provide your Digikey sales order number to them along with photos(underside) of parts received from us for assistance with this.

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In your case, it does sound like a mix-up with the part number or variant. I’d recommend reaching out to the supplier and explaining the situation. They might have made a mistake in sending you the wrong variant. Hopefully, they can sort it out for you.

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