DC Brushless Motor I.D

I have a motor from BEI Kimco Magnetics. The model number is DIH23-25-013Z. Below this number there is the number 9424. I found a motor online with all matching numbers except the number between the hyphens which translates to the length of the motor in tenths of an inch. So 25 is the same as 2.5".
I am including the data sheet for this motor. I don’t know what the last four digits mean (013Z). Thank you in advance.
BLDC-Motor.pdf (165.0 KB)


I have sent this over to the Product management group when I get the answer I will post it here .

Thanks Craig

thank you Craig.

Hi marc-n-kc ,

Sorry for the delay, we are still waiting on a response from our product manager from the manufacturer of the product.

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Here is what I got back from the manufacturer today , You are correct relative to the size/model P/N. The “-013Z” is a special customer P/N designation that was assigned to this motor. The “9424” is the date code which indicates that the motor was manufactured in the 24th week of 1994. It appears that this motors was sold to a company by the name of Howtek in that timeframe. Is the inquirer looking to purchase a similar unit(s) or in need of the specs/drawing?

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Yes, I am the inquirer looking to purchase a similar replacement. I own a Howtek scanner 4500. I didn’t know if the “-103Z” is a particular coil winding for Howtek that controls the motor speed, or if the motor speed is regulated from the control board. Thank you for all the digging. I don’t have any other specs other than what I sent. If you can lead me to this info, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Marc Carver

I have sent this info to the manufacturer I will post what I get back from them .
Thanks Craig

This is the reply i got back from the manufacturer ,
This motor was originally designed back in the 1991 timeframe and surprisingly I have located the attached drawing for reference. As shown in the attached/below, The motor speed is determined by the voltage level supplied by the controller to the three (3) motor phases. The motor Hall sensors are used by the controller to determine the rotor position required to sequentially switch/commutate the motor. The motor “Back Emf constant” determines the actual speed of the motor for a given voltage level.

It would really not be cost-effective for us to manufacture a single/few units for this older design but this is very common technology that could be sourced through various off-shore manufacturers. Companies such as Anaheim Automation here in SoCal and Advanced Motion Control should be able to offer suitable motor/controller options in this performance range if needed.

Hope this helps.

I have a PDF file of this motor if you would like, contact me

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