DC/DC Stepdown Converter Input Current

Hi there! I’m currently trying to decide between the TSR 2-2450 and the TSR 1-2450E. I anticipate that the current into either of these devices on my board will be around 1.5 to 2 amps at 24V DC. However, I cannot find any stated input current rating in either of their datasheets. Would this input current be too high for either of these components?

Hello Christopher.P.
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I am not seeing anything on the datasheets that specifically calls out an input current, but there is a way to find it based on your input voltage.
Given that we are provided with the Output Power (10W for TSR 2-2450 and 5W for TSR 1-2450E) and the efficiency. We can find the input power since efficiency is equal to Power out divided by Power in.
Once you have Power in you can find your input current based on your input voltage as Power is equal to Voltage times Current. Or for your use Power divided by Voltage is equal to Current. This would show you, roughly, the maximum recommended current based on the input voltage you would be using.

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