Delay in Transaction?

Hello! My company recently bought 2 units of Intel Realsense D435, however, when I finished ordering it did not deduct the cost from my payment method. The site only sent me a Reference Information PDF file. Hoping to hear from you, thanks!

Hello @NarmelRodriguez,

If you have an order number the order has been placed. Money would not be charged until the package ships from the warehouse. If the order was placed over the weekend it would likely process on Monday.

Thanks a lot! I got a little worried thinking that the transaction never went through. By the way is there a way to cancel an order? I accidentally double booked the order but I went and used another payment method.

The best option for canceling an order since it has been a little bit may be to click on the need help button on the Digi-Key website and chat with a customer service rep.