Order not showing up in recent order & how to close/cancel an order

Hi All,

My first order has been cancelled, second is no longer relevant. Communication from sales via email support has been fruitless; somewhat exacerbated by our purchasing department not getting the information required (banking details, proforma invoice), hence they are unable to make a payment. These delays have resulting in components going out of stock. end rant

My latest order (third attempt) has been accepted, however does not show up in my recent orders tab. What am I doing wrong? How do I cancel unprocessed orders (not paid)?

The issue is that the orders is in USD, the company’s billing address is in Germany and the shipping address is in South Africa (my location).

Are Digikey accounts assigned a single salesperson/contact or some sort of global contact?


Hi Chris,

I’m sorry you’ve had this difficulty.

Unfortunately, us in Applications Engineer really can’t help in this matter.
Please contact custom.service@digikey.com via email, or call 1-800-DIGIKEY and ask for customer service.

Hi Josh,

Thanks for the reply. It appears that a third order attempt has resolved the issue regarding the documents required for our purchasing department.


Hello @Chris,

I did take a look and it appears that you have 2 customer numbers set up with us. One is in S. African Rand and the other is in US dollars. It appears that they were not associated with each other yet as the US dollar profile was just created. I just spoke with our sales team and moving forward you should be able to see orders for either profile on your My Digi-Key profile online.

Thanks for the fix! I can see the latest order now.

One more question, is it possible to edit a billing address on an order/invoice? I have just been informed that I need to use another South African address for the billing address.


Hello @ChrisE
Unfortunately, billing addresses cannot be changed online for previous orders and you would need to contact our accounts receivable department by either calling in or sending an email to accounting@digikey.com

You should be able to update billing information for future orders at the time the order is placed.