Delta Electronics Power Supply Suffixes

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1145-1140-ND ADP-65JH HBAN
1145-1240-ND MDS-030AAC12 AB
1145-1020-ND MDS-090AAS24 BA
1145-1011-ND MDS-090AAS15 BA
1145-1139-ND ADP-40KD BBBM
1145-1197-ND ADP-36PH BH
1145-1141-ND ADP-90MD HDM
1145-1005-ND MDS-060AAS19 BA
1145-1015-ND MDS-150AAS12 BA
1145-1199-ND ADP-25FW BB
1145-1241-ND MDS-030AAC24 AB
1145-1198-ND ADP-66CR BE
1145-ADT-060A24AAB-A-ND ADT-060A24AA B-A
1145-1239-ND MDS-030AAC05 AB
1145-1228-ND MDS-030AAC15 AB
1145-ADT-060A24ABB-A-ND ADT-060A24AB B-A
1145-ADT-060A15AAB-A-ND ADT-060A15AA B-A
1145-ADT-060A15ABB-A-ND ADT-060A15AB B-A
1145-MEA-045AA2CK-A-ND MEA-045AA2C K-A
1145-1004-ND MDS-060AAS24 BA
1145-1013-ND MDS-150AAS24 BA
1145-1110-ND MDS-005AAS05 BR
941-1784-ND DPS-40AB-11 B
1145-ADT-060A19AAB-A-ND ADT-060A19AA B-A
1145-ADT-060A12AAB-A-ND ADT-060A12AA B-A
1145-1014-ND MDS-150AAS19 BA
1145-ADT-060A19ABB-A-ND ADT-060A19AB B-A
1145-ADT-060A12ABB-A-ND ADT-060A12AB B-A
1145-MDS-030AAC07AB-ND MDS-030AAC07 AB
1145-1304-ND MEA-250A24C H-A
1145-1006-ND MDS-060AAS15 BA
1145-1021-ND MDS-090AAS19 BA
603-1641-ND AMD-12V030W3AA
603-1642-ND AMD-12V030W3BA
603-1643-ND AMD-12V030W2AA
603-1644-ND AMD-12V030W2BA
603-1645-ND AMD-24V060W3AA
603-1646-ND AMD-24V060W3BA
603-1647-ND AMD-24V060W2AA
603-1648-ND AMD-24V060W2BA
603-1649-ND AMD-24V080W3CA
941-1783-ND DPS-24HB D
941-1785-ND DPS-60AB-6 B
941-1786-ND DPS-65VB K
941-1787-ND DPS-90AB-3 L
941-1788-ND DPS-120AB-3 B
941-1789-ND DPS-150AB-15 C
941-1790-ND DPS-180AB-21 D