Desco Industries and SCS Calibration

All of the equipment that is calibrated from Desco Industries comes with a Certificate of Calibration. Desco’s NIST traceable calibration consists of:

• A product that is calibrated to meet Desco’s published specifications

• A printed certificate is provided stating that Desco uses accepted procedures and standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology

• A calibration certificate will normally consist of a model number, serial number, date, and the signature of the technician that performed the calibration

• A calibration sticker applied to the product listing the identification number, the calibration date, and the initials of the technician performing the calibration


If the Calibration Certificate has been misplaced, a duplicate can be printed by entering the Model/Serial number on this link

If the equipment needs basic recalibration, please go to If the traceable calibration is needed, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer directly. The calibration pricing is listed at


Click on the link’s for Desco equipment that includes the certificate


In addition, the same information applies to SCS Calibration Certificates.

SCS NIST Calibration consists of

To reprint the SCS Calibration Certificate, click on this link

SCS Calibration Pricing List

Click on this link for parts that come with calibration

Check out this post for general calibration information!