Design does not qualify for DKRed due to empty soldermask file

Design created in Eagle v9.6.2. After uploading the file, I keep getting the error design does not qualify for DKRed due to empty soldermask file. I have renamed the files as described on the tech page but the problem continues. Generated to RS-274X format per the cam processor in Eagle. I checked the file contents and none of them are empty. The uploader processes the files and the board top and bottom look correct. Zero index is on the bottom left corner.

I work in Eagle 7 and have had no issues. I have done only rectangular boards and did not even consider a round outline was acceptable in DKred. When I need specials like slots or routed areas, I make a holding fixture and give it to our machine shop.

I modified the board to make it square and still get the same error that the soldermask file is empty.

Hi Kirk, I am going to PM you with my email address. like to see the files and see if the DigiKey team could find the issue.

This is actually a shared account. Kirk was the originator. if you are sending e-mail to his emails, I don’t have access to his email. please email me direct at [ removed ]

Thank you, Just got the email sorry for the late reply,

Personal information was removed. For your safety, we suggest that personal information only be provided in one-to-one interactions with DigiKey.

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