Design software

I would like to design some instrument panels and switch handles for 3-D printing by Digi key. What design software would you recommend. I also may want to use this software or a comparable software for a laser cutter I would like to buy

This comes down to personal preference.

I myself am partial to Autodesk Fusion 360 but I know some of my coworkers would suggest looking into Onshape.

How do I year after year get Fusion Free? I’ve understood it’s possible somehow

There are options for Fusion 360 for personal use or startups, the licensing is detailed here

Thank you. In Fusion, the upper left drop down does not offer ‘Model’ yet my tutorial wants me in that field. How do I get ‘Model’ to appear?

I have the hobbyist version and can’t access the Model option in the upper left ribbon. How can I access this option?

The best advice I can give for learning the workspace would be to go through a free beginner level tutorial on how to use the program, such as Introduction to 3D modeling.

Fusion 360 Help | Introduction to 3D modeling | Autodesk

If you need further support you’re going to want to leverage a community space that focuses on Fusion 360 / CAD as it is not a product we carry.