Vertical tactile switch



I’m looking for symbols and 3d model for vertical tactile switches for Kicad. I couldn’t find any in the digikey git repo.

Is this the right place to request these? If not, where is the best place to make a part request?

Thanks, Brendan.


Hi Brendan,
Currently we don’t have 3d models directly in our KiCad Library. It’s on our radar, but we can’t say it’ll be soon. As far as getting models for various parts, we may have a link on the Digi-Key detail page.

If you don’t find something there, the manufacturer’s product page is another resource that is likely to have 3d models. If you run across models that exist on a Manufacturer’s site and we don’t have it linked on the Digi-Key detail page, please let us know by using the Report an Error Button and our team will try to make sure we have it available on our website.


Hi Ben,

OK, forgetting about 3D models for now, what about schematic symbols and footprints for vertical tactile switches. Digikey has some for horizontal switches, but not vertical (right angle) switches.

Can I request those be added? Do you have a requests database / tracker?

Does Digikey take contributions (pull requests) or do you only publish your own work (or from the manufacturer)?

Thanks, Brendan.


Yes, if you would like to make requests on the github bug tracker and we can try to accommodate in upcoming releases. Our goal is to start to fill out different configurations of parts so there’s options where there we are missing types of parts. Given the nature of the library we’re, probably not going to expand supplier variety of the same kinds of parts, but if we are missing specific things like right angle switches we will definitely look into filling out those areas. It’s quite handy to have feedback like this so if you have other requests we are quite open.

As far as new part contributions from users, we haven’t set up a great process yet. Nor do we have an external requirements guide published, but we’re looking into feasibility going forward.


I assume part of this effort by Digikey is to make it easier for designers to design boards with digikey parts as a one stop shop, etc.

To make it dead easy for designers I would highly recommend providing schematic symbols, layout footprints and 3D models (step and possibly wrl too).

Currently I have to hunt for footprint layouts and/or 3D models to visualise my design, and to also export as a step so mechanical engineers can verify the assembled board will bit correctly (into apertures, etc).

Also, as your probably already know, Kicad have their own official symbols, footprints and 3D model repositories, which is a work in progress but appears to be growing steadily, so if digikey don’t make steady progress then it may just end up dying a slow death.