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The width of the Digi-Reels are the same as the manufacturer’s reel. Typically, the manufacturer has the reel width listed in their datasheet for each part. The widths we use can vary from 4mm pitch to 42mm. We follow the manufacturer’s information when reeling each part.

We are more than happy to confirm this information with you before purchase, otherwise this can be found under the Documents and Media section on a part’s page, as the manufacturer usually supplies us with the documents.


Thank you for your speedy reply @Victoria_14394!

I certainly have seen datasheets which provide tape width information. For example, I am using a UV LED which shows an 8mm width. Based on documentation from the PNP manufacturer, it sounds as though 8mm is typically the default. Would you say that is accurate?

I opened the datasheets for the first two items in my BOM:

It’s not immediately apparent whether any of these explicitly mention tape width, however. I’m curious if these two are all 8mm, or if they simply do not specify?

Big picture, what is the most practical way for me or anyone to give you a list of components to verify sizing? Is there an email address where I could send a DigiKey List, for example? I would seek to minimize the overhead and annoyance factor on both sides.

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@kabaragoya ,

These are great examples. For part AO3401A , there is no information on the datasheet as to what the width would be. I looked at the “top” document under the drawing section under the Documents and Media and its very likely that the width would be 8mm since the part is ~3mm. Of course, this is just conjecture. This information would need to be verified with our Product Specialist to give you a correct measurement.

As for part AWK105C6225MP-F, I was able to find the correct width in the manufacturer’s datasheet. On page 9, the manufacturer specifies that the 0204 part comes in a Paper Tape, which has a width of 8mm.

If you need assistance in finding this information, we are more than happy to help. You can email us at I would suggest sending us the list of parts that do not have any width on the datasheet and we would be able to talk to the Product Specialists to give you a confirmation.

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Alpha & Omega’s packaging specifications for all their product is located here:

Alpha & Omega Packaging Spec


Thanks so much to both of you; I’m really impressed with how responsive you folks have been to my question. You have eagle eyes, @Victoria_14394!

I have no idea how anyone would know to look on that A&O packaging spec page unless you had it on a post-it note above your desk, but again… I’m impressed. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, this gives me a boost to push through my task. I’ll double check my list before sending it over because I don’t want to make extra work for you. Plus, it really does seem as though 8mm is a reasonable default for most SMD components.



Alpha & Omega have a funny system on their website (at least for now) where they apparently produce what I’d call “data sheets on-the-go”. See below for an example. You check the boxes for all of the info you want, and it spits out a custom pdf datasheet for you with all of the things you selected included.

Probably true for any small parts, but I would never assume so for any given part. You’ll get burned if you do.

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Man, the only way that they could have made BOM sourcing and optimization easier is if they found a way to put it all on the blockchain. :see_no_evil:

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