DFR0555 - Backlight Firmware Control

The associated datasheet for the DFR0555 I just purchased (Feb 2024) has the wrong I2C address for the backlight, it should be 0xD6, not 0xC0. Once I found this was the backlight address, I still could not find the correct register configuration to turn on the backlight. Some C firmware example code would be appreciated. (How to Write an LCD Driver | Level Up Coding) comes close but does not get the backlight on. However, all I2C writes get ACK’d when writing to address 0xD6.

The library for this found on GitHub, DFRobot_RGBLCD1602.h uses

void setRGB(uint8_t r, uint8_t g, uint8_t b)

to set the color and function

void setPWM(uint8_t color, uint8_t pwm){setReg(color, pwm); if(_RGBAddr==0x6B){setReg(0x07, pwm);

To set the backlight brightness.

Example code for Arduino can be found here:
DFRobot_RGBLCD1602/examples/SetColor/SetColor.ino at master · DFRobot/DFRobot_RGBLCD1602 · GitHub

There is also similar example code Located Here

If there is a problem with their libraries you would want to create an issues ticket on their Github repository and bring it to DFRobot’s attention on their Technical Support Forum

Thanks but I spent all day yesterday and found this also. But they do not work for this display. Do you have the means to test it with this display and see if I have a defective display?

Thank you for your follow up.

If you believe you have a defective display please follow up on this inquiry with our Customer Service department at customer.service@digikey.com or call in and ask to talk to Customer Service.