Difference between PL182Y-301-70-2-5 and PL182Y-301-70

Hoping to get some clarity on the difference between these 2 connectors:
PL182Y-301-70-2-5 and PL182Y-301-70

As far as I can tell from product description, PL182Y-301-70-2-5 is “class 5”, but not sure what that means.

Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi Chris_L ,

Sorry for the delay, we are checking into this for you.

Hi @Chris_L ,

Please see our product managers response:

“Please see the below part number explanation from Amphenol TPI:”

PL182Y-301-70-2-5 is Powerlok G2 and PL182Y-301-70 is Powerlok G1.

Explanation of the PNs:

  • “-2” stands for G2. “-2” plugs only work with “-2” receptacle.
  • PNs without “-5” are specified for Powerlink cable. PNs with “-5” are specified for H+S cable. The “-5” config is available for both G1 and G2. In this case, the G1 PN for the H+S config is PL182Y-301-70-5.
  • Please see the attached drawing for more details. For more info about G1 and G2, please visit our website: www.tpil.com. Technical specs, drawings, CAD, work instructions, and more documents are available on the website.

PL182X-30X-XX-2-5_CD_RevF.PDF (425.2 KB)
PL182X-301-XX-5 CD_REV_F (Straight Shielded).pdf (525.7 KB)
PL182X-301-XX CD_REV_H (Straight Shielded).pdf (874.1 KB)

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