Amphenol connector

I have 2 queries about Amphenol connectors:

1- I have ELP2A04 connector, it comes with 10mm2 pins, I want to use it with 6mm2 cable. Can you provide the part number for 6mm2 pins?

2- I’m looking for part number of dust caps for PL082X-301-10D8.


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I have looked into your inquiries. Regarding the first one, I was able to find that all we need to do is change the part number a little.

Instead of ELP2A04, we should be looking for ELP2A03


Amphenol Industrial Operations


Regarding part number PL082X-301-10D8, I will have to offer my apologies as it does not appear that this series has such a thing as a dust cover.

The data sheet:

I do hope you found this helpful!

Thanks for the info Aaron,

Yes ELP2A03 does the job. Is it possible just to order the pins separately? if one of the pins inside the package is damaged before assembly, we have to order the whole connector?


And, regarding the PL082X-301-10D8 dust caps, I’ve seen in the newer documents (REV G) that dust caps are added:

I was able to find some info on these but not much from the manufacturer website.
ePower-Lite and ePower-Lite Mini (

It seems they don’t give the pins as an orderable part number of the connector unfortunately so yes the whole connector would have to be ordered.