Difference of Sensirion SHTC3-TR-10KS vs SHTC3-TR-2.5KS with full Tape and Reel

yes, we could help explaining to all our customers what the meaning of TR-10KS for part number SHTC3-TR-10KS is:

the full Tape and Reel number of parts as (TR) with 10K unitS and with a small 180 mm (7 inch) diameter Reel.

As some final customers only talk about the SHTC3 core part number it’s a matter of their really needed quantity, if they prefer handling the SHTC3-TR-2.5KS with a full Tape and Reel number of parts as (TR) with 2.5k units and the bigger 330 mm (13 inch) diameter Reel, depending on their assembly automation equipment for soldering to the PCB.

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Please confirm that 1649-SHTC3-TR-10KSTR-ND and 1649-SHTC3-TR-2.5KSTR-ND are actually the same component, Sensirion SHTC3, the only difference is the size of the reel on which they’re packaged.

I am confused because you show two different manufacturer part numbers SHTC3-TR-10KS and SHTC3-TR-2.5KS, of which neither are found on the datasheet.

The parts are functionally identical, the only difference is reel size and package quantity.