Difficulty finding component

Could you please suggest an 8.2pf 500 or 630v Through Hole Ceramic Cap that I can buy individually at a sensible price. I can’t seem to find anything with those values which I didn’t have to buy 10,000 of. 10,000 is exactly 9999 more than I need. I have to admit that about 5 or 6pm my searching skill go down hill pretty quick.
Dave Lowa

Hi, Welcome to Techforum! I am sorry, we do not have a stocking through hole cap in 8.2pf in that high if voltage range. The highest voltage we have in stock currently is only 200v, 399-C322C829D2G5TA-ND would be that part number. Glenda

Products in that general ballpark of capacitance value can be found here.

Note however, that capacitances of a few pF can easily be made using overlapping copper areas on a PCB. 8.2pF would be about 1/2 in2 using 2-layer 0.062" FR4, if I’m not mistaken.