Listed CAP does not exist - 478-10322-2-ND

Might be doing something silly but I think DigiKey has listed an AVX cap that I don’t think exists. The Digi-Key Part Number is 478-10322-2-ND - Tape & Reel, with the listed Manufacturer Product Number being 06035A4R3CAT2A. But if you look at the datasheet, a 4.4pF is not a value that is available for that series of capacitors. In addition to this I can’t find that cap in from AVX website (at least not with a C0G/NP0 dielectric). I see the same issue with 06035A2R0CAT2A (478-5895-2-ND), so there is defiantly more cases of this for that series. Any suggestions on whats the case here?
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I’m not sure if this is a typo, or what, but when I search that part, it comes up as a 4.3pF capacitor and not 4.4pF. Not sure if that makes a difference in your search.

The 478-10322-2-nd has a Manufacture part number of 06035A4R3CAT2A. The 4R3 is the callout for 4.3pF.

Yes, thanks @slycer2002 and @David_1768, sorry that was a typo, was meant to say 4.3pF and not 4.4pF - well spotted.

I think what he’s trying to say is that, looking at the charts on the datasheet, there is no option for a 4.3pF capacitor. Both charts in the datasheet jump from 3.9pF to 4.7pF.
Also, looking at Kyocera AVX’s website, there are no 4.3pF ceramic capacitors listed that are 0603 package size.
I don’t think I would call this a “non-existant” part, but I would say that it is a part that is perhaps nearing EOL.

I don’t know why they don’t list the 4.3pf on the datasheet, unless they started adding other values to the series, and have not updated their datasheet.

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