Digi: IX20: Lack of bandwidth

I am using an IX20 router to run 2 security cameras off of it. I have a T Mobile SIM card in there but when I plug in my laptop and do a speed test, I only get a .7 download and a .35 upload speed and the cameras need at least 1Mbps each to work. I have been dealing with TMobile for 4 days and they say that there is good coverage but I still got squat for bandwidth.
Is there any option to get better bandwidth? I have the NEMA waterproof boxes these are housed in, about 17’-20’ off the ground so there is not much to block the reception.
My TMobile phone standing 6" from the router gets 24.5 down and 13+ upload in 4g LTE mode and I believe the router works off of LTE as well.
Any help would be appreciated.
Kevin Grimes

Hi @kgrimes are you using the 2 built-in antenna’s or something else? PS, which version of the IX20 are you using? … IX20-WXYZ???


I am using the 2 antennas that I purchased along with the router and power pack.