Digi SIM, DataPlan and PORTENTA CAT M1/NB IOT GNSS Shield

I have an Aduino Portenta CAT M1 Shield and purchased a DigiKey SIM and DataPlan to get cellular service. I activated the device and paid the invoice but I can’t get the modem to register on the Verizon network. I can see the towers but get a result that indicates the registration is denied. I contacted the support email ‘RF.Support@digikey.com’ twice in the last 4 days but I haven’t even gotten an acknowledgment to my email. I have avoided writing code to eliminate that as the issue. I’ve just been sending AT commands directly to the modem. Has anyone had any experience with this device or using DigiKey’s dataplans. I can’t seem to get any help. I simply asked them to see if they could see any account issues or connection issues, but no response. I have 3 boards and bought 3 sim cards. I tried 2 just to eliminate a hardware issue. Now I have two activated sim cards that I’m paying for, but no service.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I am sorry you are having issues. I have sent this one to the group to see how to proceed on this one. We will let you know when we get something back.

Can you tell me the part number for the SIM card you purchased?

PART: 1998-251-ND

MFG : RevX Systems Corp. / 251


I purchased a couple of types, but this is the style inserted in the slot and a plan subscribed.

Thank you.

Please contact support@revxsystems.com

You will need to provide them with your RevX account number.

They are best suited to help you with the issue you are experiencing.

Thanks, I’ll try that. I had reached out based on information in my activation email, but the below was on the “DataPlans” site. Even though the first link says “DigiKey” it seems to be a form that asks for relevant information. Will that form data go to RevX or will that go to DigiKey?

DigiKey Product Support for TECHNICAL Support
support@revxsystems.com for BILLING Support

The first link does go to DigiKey. I will follow-up with those who receive the email from that link for future issues.

In your case, the support@revxsystems.com is the best place to have your issue looked into. I’m thinking that the Portenta may not be end certified with Verizon but RevX can confirm that.

Let me know if you run into any issues with RevX.

So you know… I did not try that link. I had just now noticed. I had just sent my original email based on one provided in my activation mail discussing support. I don’t know about the Portenta board, but I did confirm on the Verizon site that the modem is certified. I would think that would be the only thing they see. The modem chip would be unaware of that it’s placed in. I’ll contact RevX and see where that goes.

Thank you!