4G/LTE SIM Card APN Credentials

I am attempting to set up an AT&T SIM card purchased from Digi-Key. It has a data plan through Digi-Key as well which, as far as I can tell, is fully activated. The intent is to use the device for SSR RTK correction in a GPS module, specifically, an Ardusimple 4G NTRIP Master.

During device setup, a parameters file must be generated and requires the user to input APN and other SIM information. When using the “10569.mcs” APN suggested on the FAQ document, the device’s status light indicates that the modem is not able to connect properly to the network.

Is it likely that additional information is required other than that entered below? Do these SIM cards require usernames and passwords or a PIN to be entered in order to activate?


Above are shown the credentials required by the device in its parameter setup.

I e-mailed the support address suggested in the RevX Systems FAQ document but received no response. I also noticed the document was from 2018 and I could only find it through a link from another thread on this forum. Have the APN credentials for Digi-Key RevX data plans changed since then, and this document is out of date? Is there something else I am most likely missing?

Hello @R62 ,
Have you tried following the FAQs on https://dataplans.digikey.com/documents/revx-digikey-faq-v7.pdf ? Note: AT&T APN is “iot0119.com.attz” per the FAQ. If still having issues can you complete the support form at https://www.digikey.com/forms/en/General/CellConnSupport and submit? Also, have you logged into RevX to verify the SIM is activated ?
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Thank you, the device is now fully functioning using this APN. I have verified the SIM is activated on RevX as well.

For other users’ reference, the up-to-date FAQ link is found on the dataplans.digikey.com page. I also received a helpful response from the [RF.Support@digikey.com] address suggesting the same APN but on the new FAQ it looks like they recommend contacting support@revxsystems.com instead.